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Prof Dilip Kumar Baidya

Director Soil Dynamics, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Dr Parthajit Roy

Professor Water Resources Engineering – Open Channel Flow,... View Profile

Prof Dibakar  Chakraborty

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Prof Mokaddes Ali Ahmed

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Prof Ashim Kanti Dey

Professor Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Finite Elemen... View Profile

Prof A K Barbhuiya

Professor Water Resources Engineering - sediment transport, ... View Profile

Prof Satyabrata Choudhury

Professor Performance-Based Seismic Design of Buildings, Ear... View Profile

Prof Parthasarathi  Choudhury

Professor Water Resources Engineering, Rainfall Runoff model... View Profile

Prof Aminul Islam Laskar

Professor Civil Engineering Materials... View Profile

Prof Upendra  Kumar

Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering Water and Wast... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Varaprasad Meesaraganda

Associate Professor Dr.M.L.V.Prasad pursued B.Tech in Civil Engineerin... View Profile

Dr Arjun  Sil

Associate Professor Earthquake Engineering including Structural, Geote... View Profile

Dr Asit Kumar Das

Associate Professor Specialised in Precambrian Rocks of Kamrup distt. ... View Profile

Dr Tauhid  Rahman

Associate Professor Specific effect of a fault on a bridge structure. ... View Profile

Dr Briti Sundar Sil

Associate Professor Hydrology, Fluid Mechanics, Water Resources Engine... View Profile

Dr Prashanth  J

Assistant Professor Wave structure interaction, Development of sustain... View Profile

Dr Debjit  Bhowmik

Assistant Professor Specialisation: Geotechnical Engineering Areas of ... View Profile

Dr Monowar  Hussain

Assistant Professor Ground Improvement techniques Geo-Environmental En... View Profile

Dr Bijan Kumar Roy

Assistant Professor Uncertainty Quantification, Optimization, Reliabil... View Profile

Dr Subhrajit  Dutta

Assistant Professor Reliability and Risk Analysis Optimization under U... View Profile

Dr Olympa  Baro

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Das

Assistant Professor Ground Improvement, Soil-Structure Interaction, Tr... View Profile

Dr Susmita  Ghosh

Assistant Professor Groundwater Engineering Groundwater modelling and ... View Profile

Ms Parbin  Sultana

Assistant Professor Statistical, probabilistic and reliability methods... View Profile

Dr Nitesh  Ahir

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Mr Pallab  Das

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Dr Nirmali  Borthakur

Assistant Professor Micropiles under different loading Condition, Soil... View Profile

Dr Dillip Kumar Ghose

Assistant Professor Groundwater Modeling, Rainfall-Runoff and Runoff-S... View Profile

Dr Khwairakpam Lakshman Singh

Assistant Professor Pavement Analysis and Design, Highway Construction... View Profile

Dr Suprava  Jena

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Nirmalendu  Debnath

Assistant Professor Structural Dynamics,Operational Modal Analysis, Op... View Profile

Dr Ambika Kuity

Assistant Professor Asphalt mix characterization, Microscopic study on... View Profile