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Dr Nidul  Sinha

Professor Power system optimization, Automatic generation co... View Profile

Dr Nalin Behari Dev Choudhury

Professor Deregulated Power System, Smart Grid, Power system... View Profile

Dr Saurabh  Chaudhury

Professor Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing and Co... View Profile

Dr Binoy Krishna Roy

Professor Control Systems, Nonlinear Control System, Fault D... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy  Malakar

Associate Professor Power system optimization, Analysis, Deregulation,... View Profile

Dr Arup Kumar Goswami

Associate Professor Power Quality, Power System Planning, Reliability,... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Prakash Mishra

Associate Professor Power Electronics based Control of Electric Power ... View Profile

Dr Debayan Sarkar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Specialisation: Photovoltaic Systems (Electrical E... View Profile

Dr Vivekanandan Subburaj

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Vivekanandan Subburaj received the B.E. and M.E. d... View Profile

Dr D Koteswara Raju

Assistant Professor Power System operation, control and protection Ele... View Profile

Dr Tapan  Pradhan

Assistant Professor Instrumentation and Signal Processing, Embedded Sy... View Profile

Dr Raj Kumar Biswas

Assistant Professor Application of non-integer derivatives, Fractional... View Profile

Dr Partha  Kayal

Assistant Professor Optimization of Distributed Energy Resources, Oper... View Profile

Dr Amritesh  Kumar

Assistant Professor Analysis and design of power converters/inverters ... View Profile

Dr Sreenu Sreekumar

Assistant Professor Faculty @ NIT Silchar... View Profile

Dr Prasanta  Roy

Assistant Professor Control System (Classical Control, Modern Control,... View Profile

Dr Mallikarjuna Balimidi

Assistant Professor Power System's Wide-Area Protection Using Phasor M... View Profile

Dr Saheli  Ray

Assistant Professor Power System, Reliability of Power Systm, Distribu... View Profile

Dr Nabanita  Adhikary

Assistant Professor Robotics, Control systems, Man-machine interface, ... View Profile

Dr Avadh  Pati

Assistant Professor Control engineering, Maglev Systems, and its appli... View Profile

Dr Asha  Rani 

Assistant Professor Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems (Wind... View Profile

Dr Lalit Chandra Saikia

Assistant Professor Power Systems, Soft computing application in power... View Profile

Dr Rajeeb  Dey

Assistant Professor Control System (Mathematical Control – Robust co... View Profile

Dr Nirmala  Soren

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Sources such as Wind , Solar; bio... View Profile

Dr Dulal Chandra Das

Assistant Professor Power and Energy System Engineering.... View Profile

Dr Prashant Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor Power System-I, Power System-II, FACTS Devices, Re... View Profile

Dr Jiwanjot  Singh

Assistant Professor Power quality improvement systems, Control and ana... View Profile

Dr Swapna  Mansani

Assistant Professor Power Systems, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Pow... View Profile

Dr Risha  Mal

Assistant Professor Thermo Electric Generation (TEG), Photo voltaics, ... View Profile

Dr Sreejith S

Assistant Professor Power Electronics application to Power Systems, El... View Profile

Dr Chayan  Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Energy management and improvement of power quality... View Profile