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Dr Brinda  Bhowmick 

Professor Semiconductor Devices Physics, Modeling and Simula... View Profile

Prof Krishna Lal Baishnab

Professor Analog VLSI and RF Design: Design of continuous/ d... View Profile

Prof Srimanta  Baishya

Professor Solid State Device Modeling and Simulation, Electr... View Profile

Dr Prashanta Kumar Paul

Associate Professor Fiber Optic Sensor, Optical interconnect, Analog V... View Profile

Dr Madhuchhanda  Choudhury

Associate Professor Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Electronic cir... View Profile

Dr Madhumita  Paul

Associate Professor Analog and Digital Communication, Microwave Engine... View Profile

Dr Rabul Hussain Laskar

Associate Professor Digital Signal Processing, Digital Speech Processi... View Profile

Dr Wasim  Arif

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wireless communication and Technology, Information... View Profile

Dr Kavicharan  Mummaneni

Assistant Professor Electronic Devices and Circuits, VLSI Design, Digi... View Profile

Dr R Murugan

Assistant Professor Medical Imaging, Digital Image Processing, Digital... View Profile

Dr Prabina  Pattanayak

Assistant Professor Wireless Communications, Soft Computing, MIMO Comm... View Profile

Dr Chandrajit  Choudhury

Assistant Professor Light Field Imaging, Digital Image Processing, Com... View Profile

Dr Pukhrambam Puspa Devi

Assistant Professor High-Speed Optical Communication, Opto-Electronic ... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Singh  Baghel

Assistant Professor High-frequency solid state devices; RFICs; Antenna... View Profile

Dr Devendra Singh Gurjar

Assistant Professor 5G Wireless Communications; Wireless Sensor Networ... View Profile

Dr Tripti  Goel

Assistant Professor Digital Image processing, Digital Signal Processin... View Profile

Dr M V Swati

Assistant Professor Electromagnetic Field Theory, Antennas, Control Sy... View Profile

Dr Ujjal  Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering, Wireless Communication, Dig... View Profile

Dr Banani  Basu

Assistant Professor Antenna and Wave Propagation, Electromagnetic Fiel... View Profile

Dr Taimoor  Khan

Assistant Professor EBG and FSS Structures, Dielectric Resonator Anten... View Profile

Dr Ram Kumar Karsh

Assistant Professor Digital image processing, Probability and random p... View Profile

Dr Trupti Ranjan Lenka

Assistant Professor Micro/Nanoelectronics and VLSI Design, Nanotechnol... View Profile

Dr Arnab  Nandi

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Relay Networks, Cognitiv... View Profile

Dr S K Tripathy

Assistant Professor Digital VLSI Design, Hardware Description Language... View Profile

Dr Ganesh  Prasad

Assistant Professor Digital Communication, Information Theory and Codi... View Profile

Dr Bijit Choudhuri

Assistant Professor Optoelectronics material and device Fabrication o... View Profile

Dr Koushik  Guha

Assistant Professor RF MEMS, Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Prof Fazal A Talukdar

Professor (HAG) Signals and Systems, Power Electronics and Communi... View Profile