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Prof Rajat Gupta

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Power Plant Engineering, Hydrauli... View Profile

Prof Rahul Dev Mishra

Professor Exergy Analyses of Thermal systems, Thermoeconomic... View Profile

Dr Promod Kumar Patowari

Professor Advanced/Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes Mi... View Profile

Prof Krishna Murari Pandey

Professor Computational Combustion, Thermal Engineering, Gas... View Profile

Mr Darpa hari  Das

Associate Professor ThermodynamicsHeat TransferI.C. Engine... View Profile

Dr Biplab  Das

Associate Professor Solar Thermal, Heat Transfer, CFD, Alternative fue... View Profile

Dr Sumit  Bhowmik

Associate Professor Composite material Renewable energy Fracture mecha... View Profile

Dr Sudip  Dey

Associate Professor Computational Mechanics and Modelling, Uncertainty... View Profile

Dr Agnimitra  Biswas

Associate Professor Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Conversion, ... View Profile

Dr Kaushal Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Power Plant Engineering Instrumentation Robotics N... View Profile

Dr Kalyan  Chakraborty

Associate Professor Metal machining, Micromachining,Manufacturing Scie... View Profile

Mr Pannalal  Choudhury

Associate Professor Solid Mechanics, Stress Analysis, Composite Materi... View Profile

Dr Sukumar  Pati

Assistant Professor Evaporation and condensation, Micro-scale fluid fl... View Profile

Dr Saikat Ranjan Maity

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Process, Material Science, Operation... View Profile

Dr Pradip Deb Roy

Assistant Professor Advance Fluid Mechanic Fluid Mechanics and Fluid M... View Profile

Dr Yogesh  Singh

Assistant Professor Robotics, Parallel Manipulator, Mechanisms... View Profile

Dr Chinmaya Kumar Sahoo

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Process, Material Science... View Profile

Dr Sushant  Negi

Assistant Professor Selective Laser Sintering Lightweight Structure an... View Profile

Dr Abhishek  Paul

Assistant Professor Combustion, IC Engine, Fuel Hybridization, Alterna... View Profile

Dr Alfa  Bisoi

Assistant Professor Dynamics and Control of Machinery, Vibration Analy... View Profile

Dr Bipul  Das

Assistant Professor Condition monitoring, Friction stir welding, weldi... View Profile

Dr Sumita Deb Barma

Assistant Professor Alternative fuels, IC Engines. Thermodynamics, Flu... View Profile

Dr Dipankar  Bhanja

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Solar Energy, ... View Profile

Dr Sudipta  Halder

Assistant Professor Composite materials. Smart Adhesives and their jo... View Profile

Dr Lintu  Roy

Assistant Professor Mechanical System Design, Tribology, Mechanical Vi... View Profile

Dr Sujit  Nath

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, Applied Thermodynamics, Heat trans... View Profile

Dr Ashish B Deoghare

Assistant Professor Design and development of medical equipments, tool... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Nayan Gupta

Assistant Professor Strength of Materials, Machine Design, Engineering... View Profile

Dr Pitambar R Randive

Assistant Professor My research interests lie in the computational hea... View Profile

Dr Sumitra  Sharma

Assistant Professor Material Science, Welding and Corrosion, Heat Trea... View Profile